Product Development

AMWI excels at designing and constructing robust, easy to use scanners and equipment for inspecting all geometries of composite components. We start each new design with the end-user in mind to provide a robust and versatile scanning platform to mount any of our scanning systems. Whether it’s an off the shelf pipe scanner or a custom designed factory scanner, we work with our clients to ensure that what is needed is designed, constructed, and delivered.


Inspection and Failure Analysis

AMWI personnel have many years of failure analysis experience in a variety of composite materials and structures. We have full lab facilities to perform post-mortem evaluations of GFRP, HDPE, and other materials. Additionally, we collaborate with other lab facilities who can provide a host of other more complex tests to determine specific material properties that can be a factor in the failure mode.


AMWI offers consulting engineering services in the field of composite construction, NDT procedure development, standard and specification development, and other engineering and NDT related services. AMWI holds voting membership in relevant ASME, ASTM, ASNT, ISO and other codes and standards committees to ensure that all consulting confirms to the latest requirements.



AMWI offers Level I and Level II training in MW NDT. The classes consist of a combination of both in class as well as hands on equipment use training. The training modules have been perfected over a number of classroom sessions. ASNT-TC-1A compliant testing provided for each class.

Our Products

What is each one and what are they used for?


Pipe Scanner


Table Top Scanner


SAFT Analysis


Motorized Axis Portable Scanner


Data Acquisition Software


Microwave Analysis Software

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AMWI has years of experience performing MI R&D, consulting services, product development, failure analysis, and other microwave inspection related services. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for or would simply like to know more about any topic, please feel free to reach out to our staff.

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